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Flood Insurance

Contrary to popular belief, most homeowners policies do not protect against damage from flooding. Only flood insurance will pay to repair and replace anything damaged or destroyed in a flood. Depending on where you live, obtaining good flood insurance can be critical.

Different Types of Coverage

Like any insurance policy, there are different types of coverage available. It is important for policy holders to choose an option they are comfortable with. Most options relate to how much protection a person needs. For example, if a person lives in an area with little to no chance of flooding there are fewer needs for coverage. However, if a person lives in an area close to a large body of water there are obviously more needs as far as flood coverage goes.

Major Benefits

As we’ve seen time and again, floods can be devastating. For most of us, our home is our biggest asset, as well as the heart of our family and our memories. Many of our possessions are irreplaceable, but financially protecting what we are able to just makes good sense.